Breaking The Generational Curse

Pastor Michael Shahid, September 6, 2020

Breaking Generational Curses Prayer

Heavenly Father, According to my covenant with you, I ask You to open the books of my past, of every covenant made by my forefathers that they entered into on my behalf that is giving protection to the demonic around me. Look at these, Heavenly Father, and see if any of these are not absolutely just and righteous. Then annul them and release the affliction of the demonic on me and my family.

In the name of Jesus, I declare the blood of Jesus to stand between me and past generations as a wall of separation. I cancel every assignment of darkness and remove every right of the demonic to afflict me because of the sins of generations past. I call to me my righteous inheritance and the blessings of that generation. In Jesus Name.  Amen!

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